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A «Mini Guide» to Children's Rights in Early Childhood (0-8)

A «Mini Guide» to Children's Rights in Early Childhood (0-8)A «Mini Guide» to Children's Rights in Early Childhood (0-8)

Kirki Patsianta has been leading an initiative aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of babies and infants (children aged 0-8 years old) in Greece.


A «Mini Guide» to Children's Rights in Early Childhood (0-8)
As a first step, Kirki  has created a «Mini Guide» (illustrations and initial support: Network for Children's Rights) explaining to parents, who have just welcomed a new member to their family, the rights their child has according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Due to their young age, babies and infants are not able to exercise their rights by themselves; their parents have a key role to play as they are the ones who will help their children exercise their rights. Τherefore,  parents should be fully informed on the rights their children enjoy.

The «Mini Guide» is based on the General Comment n° 7 (2005) Implementing child rights in early childhood of the Committee on the Rights of the Child and is currently available in Greek only (see pictures on the left/attachments below).
The whole idea behind this initiative is to point out that children should enjoy their rights right from birth. Early childhood (children aged 0-8 years old) is an extremely important part of a child’s life as it majorly influences his or her future development. Unfortunately, Greece lacks efficient policies and legislation which could ensure the effective protection of children’s rights in early childhood and enable them to enjoy these rights according to their capabilities; consequently, babies and infants are practically «invisible» in Greece.

This «Mini Guide» is a first step towards drawing attention to the important issue of young children’s rights in Greece.

Mini Guide I

Mini Guide II