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Kyriaki (Kirki) Patsianta holds a PhD in Law (Doctorat en Droit Public, 2012), and a LL.M. degree in European Human Rights Law (Master II Recherche, 2005), both from the University of Montpellier 1, France. She also received a LL.B degree in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (2003). 

Since April 2018, she has established a solid collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (Moray House School of Education), United Kingdom, which concentrates on the intersectional experiences of inequalities that different groups of children face due to interactions between race, gender, class, ethnicity, age, disability. More specifically, she was involved (2019) in a comparative research project focusing on two critical case studies, Greece and Scotland, and the effects that the ongoing global economic and the 2015 refugee and migrant crisis have on the rights of young children aged 0-5, with a view to reinforcing rights protection in European early childhood policies and practices.

She collaborated (2015-2017) with the University of Exeter, United Kingdom in the field of the protection of migrant children’s rights, which led to her involvement as key external non – academic partner for the project «Protecting Migrant Children’s Rights», which was coordinated by this institution. Here, she designed, developed, and delivered training to charity workers in Greece and the UK on the legal recognition of the vulnerability of migrant children and its implications in practice. 

She worked closely as a consultant (2013-2018) for the «Network for Children’s Rights», a non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece, where she led and coordinated research and advocacy strategies at national and European level in the area of the protection and promotion of children’s rights. She also worked as a consultant (2007-2014) for the Council of Europe on the campaign «Building a Europe for and with children».  For this project, she was in charge of all research for the Theseus database, which contains the ECtHR jurisprudence on children’s rights.

Her current areas of interest are: Child Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, Child Rights in Early Childhood, Migrant Children’s Rights, Right to Education, Child Rights in divorce/separation proceedings, Child Rights and the GDPR. 


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Journal articles

  • (2017) «European Court of Human Rights and right to respect for family life: the role of the best interests of the child in establishing equality between divorced parents». Canadian Journal of Children’s Rights 4 (1): 48 -70DOI:
  • (2021, forthcoming) «The implementation of the right of refugee and migrant children to education in Greece: official and non-formal educational schemes»
  • (2021, forthcoming) « ECtHR and CRC: When the Strasbourg Court refers to the Convention on the Rights of the Child»

  • (2022, forthcoming) «Safeguarding children’s rights in Greece: Cases against Greece brought before the European Court of Human Rights»


Book Chapter

(2019, with Konstantoni K.) «Young Children’s Rights in ‘Tough’ Times: Towards an Intersectional Children’s Rights Policy Agenda in Greece and Scotland». In The Routledge International Handbook of Young Children's Rights, edited by Jane Murray, Beth Blue Swadener, Kylie Smith, Chapter 13. London: Routledge.





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