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Child Law & Family Law

Child Law

Child Law is a branch of law yet to be fully developed in Greece. In general, Greek legislation encompasses fragmentary provisions relating to child protection. However, these provisions are not implemented in a dynamic and systematic manner, due to lack of necessary infrastructure and of a state entity that would efficiently create, implement and coordinate efficiently strategies and policy aimed at safeguarding and promoting children’s rights.
Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to implement effectively children’s rights in Greece. For this to happen, a two-streams approach should be adopted: firstly, specific cases relating to the infringement of children’s rights, such as incidents of school bullying or issues regarding children’s internet safety should be handled appropriately; secondly, activities focusing on promoting children’s rights through campaigning and academic research, and on designing training on these rights for children, parents and professionals working for and with children should take place.

Family Law
Lifestyle and family life choices have stopped being strictly traditional in Greece lately. Consequently, choices like registered partnerships, divorce and subsequent remarriage, births out of wedlock, rearrangement of relationships between parents and children after divorce or separation on a pedocentric basis such as shared parenting, Assisted Reproductive Technology such as surrogacy, may give rise to particular issues regarding the implementation of family law. 
Each of these contemporary issues in family law is unique and deserves specific legal advice, grounded in the best interests of the child and the respect of individual choices.