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Discussing with children about their rights

Mon 21 Nov 2022
Discussing with children about their rights

Children are magical, full of unique potential and exquisite talent. As adults, we must provide them with opportunities to freely express themselves and with tools to explore the world. Last Monday, the 21st of November, Kirki had the pleasure of having a discussion with students of the Second High School of Nea Ionia, in Volos-Greece, about children’s rights, on the occasion of the celebration of the Universal Children’s Day on the 20th of November, after having been invited by their teachers to do so. The discussion was fruitful as the children were very excited about sharing their views on their rights! Since public schools in Greece are in a deplorable condition, lacking support and resources, the efforts of educators who don’t give up and try their best to help their students reach their full potential are truly uplifting.