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Migrant children

Migrant children

From August 2016 to July 2017, Kirki Patsianta participated as key external non-academic partner in the project «Protecting Migrant Children’s Rights», which was coordinated by the University of Exeter-Law School (United Kingdom).

«Protecting Migrant Children’s Rights» was an ESRC IAA-funded project aiming to promote knowledge and expertise among charity staff working with reception and care of migrant children about the legal aspects of the protection of their human rights in Greece and in the UK.

In order to respond to the ongoing migration crisis and to bridge the gap between legal requirements and practice, we:
•    Developed and successfully tested training materials on the legal recognition of the vulnerability and legal rights of migrant children and its implications in practice.
•    Designed and made openly available a toolkit, both in English and Greek, encompassing interactive and informative materials on the topic of the protection of migrant children’s rights.